Rituals Before Gambling

Our ancestors used to perform rituals during the early years such as tribal dancing in order to get the attention of their Gods. They perform these rituals to ask for help and guidance. Though these so called rituals have been forgotten already, there are still some people who use some kind of rituals especially before playing in casino. These are players who are hoping for good luck so that they will win the game.

There are some people who believe that they have the so called good luck clothing or lucky jewelry wherein they always wear these before gambling. There are also some players who believe on lucky meal wherein they have this special kind of cooking or meal that they need to prepare and eat before playing.

Horoscopes is another basis for some players before considering on playing in casino they check their horoscope first and try to validate if it is their lucky day or not. The horoscope will not specifically state that it is the individuals lucky day on the casino or not but it will state whether it is a good day for an individual to make money or not.

Another form of ritual that is very common among individuals nowadays is the so called lucky charms. There are people who bring luck or good fortune. There are people who prefers on displaying these lucky charms while there are also people who prefers to hide it.

Other players believe on throwing a coin first on a wishing well before playing in a casino. They usually kiss the coin first and then wish hard that they could take home the jackpot prize and then throw the coin on the well. Even kids believe on this ritual.

There are still a large number of people or players who believe on the power of praying. Most people believe that praying is the best option especially if one is really in need of resolution. They said that a prayer will be answered in due time. There are few players who win in casino by praying real hard.

The slot machine players also have bizarre rituals such as inserting the slot card and then removing it and reinserting it again.

No hard proofs show that these rituals are effective indeed. People say that great faith on these so called charms is what makes it more effective. No matter what a player belief is, it is still much better to play a game strategically than depending on pure rituals only.